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Message from our president

When I created my company I wanted to bring my values to life. "Simple is best" is the one that is the most important to me. 

We design, create and install our creations according to this principle.

The alliance of metal and other materials offers an harmonious contrast to every building and I'm sure you'll appreciate our work.

Our utmost priority is our clients' satisfaction. We make order-made products using every material at our disposition. 

Our craftsmen are experienced and have worked with steel, iron, wood, alpolic among others materials. They proudly represent the quality of the Japanese craftsmanship.

CEO Koki Shimosaka




CEO            Koki Shimosaka

Capital   3 million yen

Adress        Shizuoka-Ken, Shizuoka-Shi, SHimizu-Ku,  Umegaya 204-8

TEL    054-345-9132

FAX    054-348-0410


Metal working and design company

Design, production and sales of construction metal

Architectural decorative metal (stainless steel, aluminum, steel, etc.)

Decorative metal for interior and exterior

exterior panels

Heavy and lightweight steel frame

Staircase work (railing)

Production and installation of Alpolic® panels

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